Install or Repair Water Heaters Efficiently With Baur Boys Help

Hot water is incredibly important for anyone’s home and losing it prevents people from doing what they need to do in a normal day. Experiencing water heater issues? Contact the experts at Baur Boys Express Plumbing to get the help you need in treating water heater issues at any stage.

We will thoroughly inspect and repair the water heater in your home, basement, garage, or apartment. We can even install new models if that is what you are needing! We offer services for your home and for your business, we will install the right match for you today.

Install a newer and more efficient model to save on your electric bills as well.

Same Day Services for Water Heater Repairs and Installations

Many people think hot water is a luxury and while that may be true, nowadays, it is a necessity. We proudly provide same-day services for all your hot water heater needs within the Taney and Stone County areas.

We will provide quality repairs and installations services at a competitive price. Give us a call today!

Water Heater Maintenance

We can give you tips and educate you on different ways to keep you water heater up to date on maintenance and the proper ways to store one in regards to its surroundings.

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