Drains Cleaned by Professionals

Ever had a problem with a drain and you have poured way to many bottles of Drain-O down the drain and it just isn’t doing the trick anymore? It may be time to call the Baur Boys and have your pipes cleaned by the professionals. They service areas such as Hollister, Kirbyville, Branson, Reeds Springs, Springfield, etc. The Tri-Lakes Area is the home of the Baur Boys and that is the area we serve the most.

We make a promise to get those slushy pipes and drains working like new they way they should be. High pressure cleaning of the gunk that is blocking the drains is crucial to getting the pipes back to where the water can flow easily and the water will be clean.

Mention our new and improved website to receive $5 off on your drain cleaning service! If you are not sure if Drain Cleaning is your problem then feel free to check out our other plumbing services.

Rely on Baur Boys to Complete the Job FAST

There is nobody that I know that enjoys the water in their shower draining slowly trying to shower while standing in 2 feet of water. Dealing with sewer line build up or a slow drain can be frustrating. Call Baur Boys today and we will get it fixed immediately so you don’t have to be frustrated with your showers or your drains. We will be there as soon as possible to provide same-day services to get the job completed FAST.

You can recieve top-quality drain and sewer services at every day low prices. Call us to schedule your service and we will answer you immediately!

Let Us Handle All Your Drain and Sewer Pipe Work

  • Inspections for plumbing lines-Yearly inspection available
  • Cutting roots out of sewer lines
  • Clean buildup out of sewer lines
  • Sinks and tubs to underground sewer lines
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